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Beating a U.S. trend, only 10% of Ohioans are uninsured. The State of Ohio is determined to find ways to provide adequate health insurance for all its citizens, and state legislators are currently working to develop such a plan. Low income citizens of Ohio will find many programs to help them obtain medical care. For those who are seniors, or who are unemployed or disabled, there are Medicaid and Medicare programs. There are also programs specifically designed to ensure that the children of the working poor receive health care.

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Ohio Healthcare Programs for Low Income Individuals

State Medicaid programs are available to help uninsured, low-income women receive pre-natal care, as well as testing and care for breast and cervical cancer. These programs are administered through the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services. There are also health services programs for the low income disabled and elderly.

The SCHIP or State Children’s Health Insurance Program is offered through the Office of Ohio Health Plans. It is part of an effort by the state of Ohio to provide health insurance coverage to the uninsured children of working families that earn too much to qualify for Medicaid but who can’t afford private insurance.  The state is expanding this program to help even more families.

Ohio School Based Health Centers is a program designed to bring medical and dental care to children in convenient locations. There are 26 health centers throughout the state that provide care to otherwise underserved children.

Ohio Medicare programs concentrate on seniors who need assistance. Recent initiatives have helped seniors choose Part D prescription coverage and helped hospitalized seniors find answers to their care concerns.

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